MG + artists


a project-based dance collective

directed by Mary Grace McNally


There comes a point at which we can no longer continue in our ways, when we recognize the patterns holding us back. We reach a point of departure where the resistance against change must give so we can move forward. We have to respond.

In the midst of internal standstill, there is collective crisis all around us. As the tipping point within us meets the turning point of the outside world, how do we move through it?

When It Falls examines the way in which we navigate our shifting selves, in our ever-shifting world.

World Premiere January 2020

The Montalbán - Los Angeles, CA

Cast: Rebecca Corrgian, Catie Leasca, Mary Grace McNally, Jordyn Santiago, Gabriella Sibeko, Haley Sung + Madeline Wright


not for picking

Our work seeks to find strength inside of softened, abled bodies. 


Not For Picking investigates how societal expectations and limitations influence our bodies’ reactions to the space and world around us.


We explore the physicality and sensation of working through the defensive self, in order to better understand our continuous cultivation of power. 

World Premiere June 2018

Theaterlab - New York, NY

Cast: Catie Leasca, Emma Lawes, Jordyn Santiago, Haley Sung, Gabriella Sibeko, Rebecca Corrigan + Mary Grace McNally

what I know, what it is

“…tying themselves to places and trying to explain what places are and what places aren’t.”

       - Justin Vernon/Bon Iver

World Premiere May 2019

DM Art Festival - Salt Lake City, UT

Cast: Jordyn Santiago + Mary Grace McNally

Filmed by: Jenna Maslechko

Edited by: Mary Grace McNally