I am now offering virtual sessions via Zoom.

I'm hoping to use this time as an opportunity to connect with old and new students, regardless of our current locations!

One-on-one movement practice:

-phrase work
-work through improvisational approaches
-introducing dancers to their own creative process 

One-on-one mentoring:

-college dance audition process
-personal creative process (this can include feedback and a conversation around work/movement you are creating)

These lists are ideas for what you may choose to focus on in a session. If you'd like to work on something different, please specify in booking and we can discuss our approach.

For one-on-one movement practice and mentoring sessions, see below for availability and pricing*.

Solo choreography sessions

Click below to contact me for further information.

Provide the following details in the message section of the form: 

-Age of dancer

-Prior dance experience (if we have never worked together)

-Type of work: competition solo or college audition

Classes / Workshops for studios

Click below to contact me for further details.

You will receive a response within 2-3 days. 

*For any dancers looking to work one-on-one, but do not currently have the means, please contact me with the form above and we can discuss further options.

Photo by Jenna Maslechko